Kadha Sangeetha Mela 2020

Keli Swiss Kadha Sangeetha Mela 2020

Rules and Regulations:

1.         Open to all Nationalities

2.       Storytelling:  Age limit 4-9 yrs. Date of Birth between 01.06.2011 to 31.05.2016.

              Max. duration: 4 Minutes. Language: Malayalam, English, German

3.         Solo Song: with or without karaoke: Age limit 9-16 yrs. Date of Birth between       01.06.2004 to 31.05.2011. Max.  duration 6 minutes.

4.         The name of contestants, Age, Telephone No.  and address should be sent along

             with the Video on WhatsApp No. + 41 77 417 65 54   Date of submission: 13.06.2020

             till 30.06.2020. A Confirmation of receipt will be sent through WhatsApp. 

5.         Eligible Entries will be shared on Keli Facebook page. (Videos will be uploaded

              on first come first served basis)

6.          All the participants have to produce their ID proof on request.

7.         1st price winner for each item will be awarded INR. 10,000.  2nd and 3rd price will be

              awarded KELI Trophy and Certificates, which will be awarded in our next Keli Event in

              Zürich, Switzerland.                     

8.        Marks will be awarded for the participants as follows:

  1. 30% Marks will be given on the basis of the Likes received on Facebook
  2. 70 % Marks will be given on the basis of the marks given by the judges for the events, based on different criteria.

Marks will be awarded for the participants as follows (Maximum mark a participant can get 100).

  1. Maximum 30 Marks will be given based on the Like received on Facebook. Marks will be given based percentage of likes received in Facebook a performance will be awarded the points.
  2. Max of 70 Marks will be given by the Jury of judges for the events. This will be based on the different criteria
  3. Criteria for Solo-Song with karaoke with Marks:
    1. Sruthi                  15
    1. Thalam (beat)      15
    1. Layam(bhavam)   15
    1. Ragalayashudhi     5
    1. Synchronization     5
    1. Uchcharanam        5
    1. Presentation          5
    1. Overall Impression 5
  4. Criteria for with Story Telling with marks:
    1. Story                                               15
    1. Voice                                               15
    1. Structure, organization and balance   15
    1. Delivery                                           10
    1. Memorization                                    5
    1. Overall Impression                            10

.           Winners  will be declared on  www.keliswiss.org

  • The content of the entry must not violate any Copyright laws, privacy rights, pronography, crime, religious or political emotions etc. Keli Switzerland  will not be held responsible for any violations committed against the rule mentioned in the clause.