Welcome to Aksharakeli: A Bridge Between Cultures Through Malayalam
Aksharakeli is a distinguished Malayalam teaching initiative dedicated to the Indo-Swiss community, born from the collaboration between Keli Switzerland, a prominent cultural organization, and the Malayalam Mission of the Cultural Department of the Government of Kerala. This initiative aims to foster a deep connection with the Malayalam language and Kerala’s rich cultural heritage among the Indian diaspora in Switzerland.

Our Mission
At Aksharakeli, our mission is to create a vibrant learning environment where the Malayalam language and Kerala’s cultural treasures can flourish. We strive to make Malayalam learning accessible and enjoyable, helping the Indo-Swiss community stay connected to their roots.

Our Impact
Aksharakeli has become a vital resource for promoting Malayalam language and culture within the Indo-Swiss community. By offering both in-person and online courses, we make it possible for learners to connect with Kerala’s heritage from anywhere in Switzerland.

Join Us
Discover the beauty of the Malayalam language and the richness of Kerala’s culture with Aksharakeli. Join us in celebrating and preserving the heritage of Kerala within the Indo-Swiss community.

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