About Keli


India is, the cradle of the human race, the birthplace of human speech, the mother of history, the grandmother of legend, and the great grandmother of tradition.

Mark Twain

To nurture and promote the rich Indian values and goodwill on a global arena, a voyage began in the late 90’s, when a group of passionate individuals teamed up and formed KELI. On 24th October 1998, Shri M.R. Venu IFS, Honorable Secretary, Permanent Mission of India (PMI Geneva) inaugurated KELI in Zurich. KELI is a non-profitable, non-sectarian and non-political organization, officially registered in Switzerland

Since its inception, KELI has evolved into a respectable organization with its essence intact by strong network of committed members. This network is moderated and regulated by an elected executive body, which guides KELI through its social and cultural activities.

KELI was honored with the prestigious GARSHOM Award (2009) as the Best Pravasi Organization in recognition for its relentless dedication towards upholding Indian art and culture in the international community and significant charitable ventures. The core strength of KELI is undoubtedly its member families and scores of Indians and well-wishers from within Switzerland and outside, who actively participate, contribute and involve in KELI’s activities every year. This award is a tribute and recognition to each one of them!

The stage of KELI has been graced by numerous dignitaries and celebrities on various occasions. PadmaBhushan Dr. K.J. Jesudas, Padmishri late Sri. Kunnakudi Vaidhyanathan, Padmashri Alamel Valli, Padmashri Dhanandjayan, Padmashri Sister Sudha Varghese, Padmabhushan M.T. Vasudevan Nair are a few to name. KELI has also been the stage for memorable performances from renowned musicians and artists from India over the years.

From its roots as a socio-cultural initiative, KELI has grown to provide services in diverse fields which cover seminars, workshops, language classes and library services. KELI has been organizing Onam Festival since the year 1999, which has grown popular among Indian community and even attracts significant number of participants from outside Indian community in Zurich every year. The biggest Pravasi youth festival, International Kalamela, is organized annually to promote culture and social interaction among generations. KELI acts as an international platform for amateur artists to showcase their talents and nurture them. KELI opened the first chapter of Soorya India Festivals in Europe. KELI also organized “Pravasimela” at Kochi In 2009. KELI works closely with Embassy of India Bern and is thankful for their support. Please see the Chronology of KELI for further details.

KELI has pledged itself to several charity commitments to make a difference in the human society. Willing hearts of KELI members to bring relief and hope for the shattered is the driving force behind all such commitments. Housing projects for those devastated by natural calamities, sponsoring educational expenses for the needy children (Kinder for Kinder project), supporting differently-abled people (Thanal project) are some of the activities that KELI is deeply involved.

We welcome you all to be “with KELI, hand-in-hand, generations to generations” and experience the sense of fulfillment of being human!